Easter egg competition!

Well done to Leyland for winning Mr Digpal’s Easter egg competition for 3AP! His hilarious burger egg design made everyone giggle.


Junk modelling!

Take a look at our fantastic junk models of Birmingham buildings! A big thanks to all the parents and families who bought in junk for us to use!

Separating mixtures!

Today in science we learnt about 3 methods of separating mixtures; sieving, filtration and evaporation. First, we used a sieve to separate shells and stones from sand. Then we imagined we were stranded on a desert island! We had to use filter paper and a funnel to separate sand from the water. We also learnt that we need to boil that water before it is drinkable.

Cityscape art!

Yesterday we created some fantastic cityscape art pieces! We used black paper as our nighttime backgrounds and we used coloured chalk to draw our very own cityscape. Some of us chose photos of Birmingham to stick on as well!

Capital city research project!

This week 3AP have been set a computing challenge! They had to work in groups to create a slideshow all about a capital city. Each person in the group was given a different role. One person was the researcher, another person was the imputed the information into the slides, one person designed the slides and the other person edited the slides to check for spelling mistakes etc. The finished presentations were fantastic!

3AP’s BIG day out in the city!

We have had the most amazing day out in Birmingham today exploring the city. We saw some awesome graffiti in Digbeth! We saw most of the cities’ major landmarks, including Grand Central, Victoria Square, the hall of memory, the ICC and the library where we even braved the sky garden! 3AP behaved perfectly and represented Cedars Academy brilliantly, Miss Parker, Miss Parveen and Mrs Stevens were so proud 😊 Here are all the photos!